Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sleep, water, and friends

Yes my lovelies... Sleep is muy importante.. So is a little H2O and some awesome friends...

I've been running around like a mad woman for the last few days and it's making my sleeping habits suffer. That and I sometimes suffer from a wicked case of insomnia. For me, the most recent issues are not falling asleep.. It's been taking me around 45 minutes to an hour to turn my brain off to sleep. I hate waking up tired and dragging my half zombie ass to work.

I haven't been drinking enough water lately and my body is busy telling me about it. I think this issue may be linked back to the lack of sleep problem. Water does not have any caffeine, but Coke Zero does! I'm desperate for something to wake me up..

Friend are the last topic of my (short) discussion tonight. I have some awesome friends. Natalie, Ellie, Andrea, James, Kelly, Joey, Manda and Peter are pretty much some of the greatest people ever. Nothing really to discuss here, just wanted to mention how awesome my people are :)

That's it for today, pretty brief. I'm way too tired to do anything more productive.