Saturday, December 7, 2013

I'm still here!

Howdy all!

I'm still around. Life has been leaving me in the dust lately. Here is a quick update on things...

Carlos and I are still together! We are coming up on 8 months of happy, fantastic, dysfunction. He's the best guy ever and I'm a lucky girl to have him. Did I mention that he cleaned my car out?! He's a brave man too.

The new job.... I love my kids. I love teaching. I have a TERRIBLE boss. She's so terrible to me. She's demeaning, rude and never misses an opportunity to cut me down. She's an asshole.

I've recently gotten into making homemade bath and body stuff :) all natural lotions, creams, scrubs mad maybe some candles eventually. I really hope that I can get good enough at making the stuff so I can sell it and make some extra money.