Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Faith and Patience

Today's post is a tad short... I had an interview with my DREAM school district last week. I haven't heard anything yet and it's making me really nervous. I need a dose of faith and patience. Asking for prayers/vibes/thoughts/whatever it is that you believe.

I hope and pray that Harker Heights HS is where I'm supposed to be. Hope and pray... I loved the place and the people. I know I will get the job I'm meant to have... But quite frankly, I haven't wanted anything this bad.. Ever... I want this so bad it causes me physical pain.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Monday... You suck...

Monday... Are you sure it's Monday?

All I know is that it's my Friday! Woo! I'm very much looking forward to my next 2 days off. I need them, terribly. I had to work a morning shift today. I made some serious cheddar, but damn did I work for it. Holy crap. From 11am-3pm I ran... And ran. And ran. And ran some more. I was about ready to pass the eff out. 

My eating has been a bit off lately. I'm carbing (hello tasty pancakes) and not getting enough protein or good fats. I'm really paying for it now. Damn pancakes are gone after the morning I had. Oh and the devil cakes were NOT worth the 750 calories I wasted on them. Ugh. 

So... Since its my Friday, what am I doing for my weekend? Tomorrow, I'm planning on getting some ish done to my room. Wednesday is my day with the Carlos (yep, he's still around). 

Next week is our (Carlos and me) trip to Schlitterbahn! Woohoo! I'll be sure to take lots of pics for y'all :)

Here are some of the random Pinterest projects that I'm unleashing tomorrow. 

I have a tiny room... I need all the organization I can get... And I have more clothes than any sane person should own. So yeah... ORGANIZE ME!!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

From then to now... And beyond!

Howdy loves! It definitely feels good to be back and writing on a semi-regular basis. Today I feel compelled to share my progress with the world of Blogger... If you follow me on IG, you've seen the picture... But now you can hear the story behind the pictures..

Before 321 pounds After 254 pounds

The picture of me in the brown shirt was taken on the night of my 21st birthday. The guy you see in the picture is my friend Daniel. He has a band and he came to College Station to do a show especially for my birthday. That is what you see on the surface of that picture. What you don't see is how insanely unhappy I am. This was the point in my life where my fiance, Joey, was cheating on me with several different people. He wasn't there for my birthday because he had plans with one of his several other girlfriends and lied to me about doing something with his Army unit instead. 

I was the heaviest I'd ever been.. I was always the girl that said, "Oh I'm still under 300... That's not bad. I'm fine!" I stepped on the scale that morning for the first time and nearly cried. I knew I had gained some, but I didn't realize how bad things had gotten. This was the point in my life that I started Weight Watchers. I knew something had to be done. 

Unfortunately being a broke college grad meant I couldn't really afford to stick with WW. That slowed my journey, but didn't stop it. I kept steady around 280 until I began seriously blogging in February. So much has changed since that April. I'm a happier girl woman. I don't at all regret getting that big, because I firmly believe that it taught me a HUGE lesson about myself (no pun intended). I've grown to the point that I love my body! I love my curves and my pale whiteness. It's the only body I have, so I should love it! But, loving my body doesn't mean that I'm going to stop the journey. Oh no sir. I want to keep my body in good shape, so it will last me for a while! 

With my new found confidence, I've noticed that I'm trying lots of new things that I would have NEVER tried before... I'm even buying different clothing... Like this... Check out my new swimsuit!
Yes ladies and gents, that's a bikini
Yes... I actually bought that high waist bikini. It's perfect!  Plus I think it looks amazing on me.

That was the story of how it all began. I was depressed, unmedicated, and very big. Now I'm still depressed (officially diagnosed), medicated, happy, healthy, and moving. I'm convinced that nothing can stop me now!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Crossfit... Like a boss...

So... I've been MIA.. Waitressing is a HUGE time sucker...

I know several of you follow me on IG, so you know that I've recently joined the cult group known as Crossfit. My friends Ellie and Carol took me to my first class and I was HOOKED! I absolutely loved it! It's a mix of cardio, weights, and pure ass kicking. I haven't done any sort of weight lifting since high school.. I could barely walk the next day. It was brutal!
Pre-Crossfit Day 1
As crazy as it sounds... I wanted to go back! I was feeling stronger and fantastic! So I went to the Crossfit gym near where I do my laundry. I hated them... They were complete assholes. So for those of you in the Central Texas area, DO NOT GO TO MORTAL CROSSFIT! The owner of the gym was a total asshole to me when I went and asked about classes. He looked at me like I was insane when I told him my experience. Apparently this fuzzy faced asshat's goal isn't to help people like me change our lives... It's to be surrounded by scantly clad women lifting. I was beyond disgusted.

I didn't let this discourage me though... I went back to Bulletproof in Austin. I love love LOVE Rob and how understanding he is with the weaklings/fat girls like me. He will modify the hell out of a workout, so we don't get discouraged and quit.

Pre Crossfit Day 2
I loved my experience at Crossfit and hope I can find a place to go closer than Austin. I can't afford to drive to South Austin every day. I'm really excited about my next class!