Monday, March 26, 2012

Important lessons and healthy meals.

I learned a very important lesson today.. One that I don't think I'll be forgetting any time soon. The lesson is the utmost importance of drinking enough H2O. Yes my friends, water. After today's slightly whacky schedule, I walk into Zumba and quickly realize that I haven't had enough water..

I never believed everything I heard about be dehydrated slowing you down and the importance of being well hydrated before a workout. Today my body made a believer out of me. Not ever half way through Zumba I was stopping for a water break. Lesson of the day? More water...

I made an amazing dinner after Zumba and felt the need to share it with everyone. I diced 2 chicken breasts and cooked them with tomatoes (Romas), half an onion and some squash. I seasoned everything with a little olive oil, pepper, a small amount of salt, Italian seasoning, and spicy Italian dressing. I served this with grilled zucchini and a small serving of whole wheat pasta. James loved it and it was pretty healthy. Over half of what we ate was veggies and we had leftovers of everything except the zucchini.

I will try and add the recipe to it's own separate recipes page.

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