Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Crossfit... Like a boss...

So... I've been MIA.. Waitressing is a HUGE time sucker...

I know several of you follow me on IG, so you know that I've recently joined the cult group known as Crossfit. My friends Ellie and Carol took me to my first class and I was HOOKED! I absolutely loved it! It's a mix of cardio, weights, and pure ass kicking. I haven't done any sort of weight lifting since high school.. I could barely walk the next day. It was brutal!
Pre-Crossfit Day 1
As crazy as it sounds... I wanted to go back! I was feeling stronger and fantastic! So I went to the Crossfit gym near where I do my laundry. I hated them... They were complete assholes. So for those of you in the Central Texas area, DO NOT GO TO MORTAL CROSSFIT! The owner of the gym was a total asshole to me when I went and asked about classes. He looked at me like I was insane when I told him my experience. Apparently this fuzzy faced asshat's goal isn't to help people like me change our lives... It's to be surrounded by scantly clad women lifting. I was beyond disgusted.

I didn't let this discourage me though... I went back to Bulletproof in Austin. I love love LOVE Rob and how understanding he is with the weaklings/fat girls like me. He will modify the hell out of a workout, so we don't get discouraged and quit.

Pre Crossfit Day 2
I loved my experience at Crossfit and hope I can find a place to go closer than Austin. I can't afford to drive to South Austin every day. I'm really excited about my next class!

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  1. I can't believe you had a bad experience at a crossfit gym!!! I'm SORRY!!!!! Good for you for not giving up and going back to where it worked out!!! I worked out at a crossfit gym for 9 months but I can't afford it anymore. I LOVED it. The gym that I went to was FULL of women at all different skill levels and ages and the coaches scaled workouts to everyone's needs. I'm disgusted that there are people out there who don't work like that. SHAME ON THEM!

    Prove those jerk's wrong girl!