Saturday, September 6, 2014

Oh mah god, Becky...

Look at her butt...

At what point does a date stop being a date? 

I had a date last night with, let's call him R, that lasted a reallllllly long time. When I say really long time, I mean I didn't leave until 5:30. That's the second time that's happened too. 

Now I'm not complaining, and this definitely shouldn't read as such. R and I have an amazing time together. We are able to have these really deep, soul defining conversations, then watch the Simpsons. He has made me realize things about myself that no one else has. 

I should say at this point that he and I have been friends for a really long time; 4 years to be exact. It was only in the last week or so that we have really started the dating process. We consider ourselves to be best friends that just kinda fell for each other. 

Is that even the right way to say that? The feelings of affection and admiration have been there for a long time as well. It's not like the falling for each other was sudden. I've felt this way about him for several years. We never dated due to distance. 

Geezus I've just poured my soul out to my blog... Writing is usually the easiest way for me to process things. Maybe this all just needed saying?

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