Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ouchie Dammit

James and I started a Boot Camp program last night. It's a combination of everything (cardio, abs, upper body, and lower body) crammed into 1 30-minute sweat fest. Of course I offer my thanks to the wonderful people at Hulu plus for putting some awesome stuff under their fitness category.

I have muscles sore that I didn't think were possible to be sore. I can feel the burn in my thighs, back and shoulders. Thighs and shoulders, not so bad... Back?! Holy moly it hurts like a MFer. I digress, it's not pain.. It's soreness. Delicious, excruciating, groaning in pain soreness. Of course the masochist in me is ready to go with round 2 tonight! No pain, no gain.

We also had a night cap with our favorite candlelight yoga class. I'm sad to sat that it will not be available on Netflix after August 1 :( Sad panda.

On the menu for dinner tonight is baked chicken nuggets and some kind of veggies. During our next grocery trip I'm going to invest in some of the quinoa stuff I've heard so much about. I've also read tips on how to have your fresh veggies last for a month (yay freeer bags!). I'm excited to finally get back off my arse and get things done.

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