Sunday, December 30, 2012

PMS Brain, Moving, and Jobs

I'd call this a productive weekend, at least a productive Saturday. I can't say much about today, other than PMS is a B.I.T.C.H. I hate the things it does to my emotions... I cried over a freakin Food Network special. SERIOUSLY?!

Anyway... Back to Saturday... One of my closest friends in the whole giant world moved into an apartment with her boyfriend fiance (I forgot that he proposed!!), so James, Richard and I went to South Austin to help her move. Let me tell you, 3rd floor stairs are BRUTAL. My knees were slightly angry at the end of the day. But I would do it all over again for these guys. Friday night we all stayed at their old place, and it was a blast. If a house could explode from sheer nerd-dom, the place would have been rubble.

Thursday, Richard and I went to Austin (again, yes) to have lunch with his grandpa. Harry was pretty awesome and I even had a quasi job interview. I sent a follow up email today, hoping I at least get the opportunity to fill out an application for the openings they have. I could do mid level management in Austin.. No sweat lol.

Christmas was good to me.. James got me the Complete Works of Shakespeare! That may be the one gift that I'm most excited about. It's living in my car at the moment, simply because I don't want my scavenger dog to gnaw on the cover.

Nothing overly thought provoking or sentimental today.. My brain is far too hormone riddled to even complete the blog post I started about my latest book I'm reading. Hooray for PMS brain!

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