Saturday, January 12, 2013

Body Acceptance vs Am I really healthy?

The title of the post really says it all... One thing I've been hit with lately is the fat acceptance or body acceptance movement. It's all about honoring what you've been given and aceepting who you are/not wanting to change it. I'm completely caught in the middle.

I would love to be able to accept what I've been given, but on the other hand.. I'm at a huge risk for diabetes, hypertension, and my joints suck. I wish I lived in a different area, so I could find a gym buddy.. And not one that will hit on me at every turn.

I'm also hesitant to join a gym, knowing that it's not likely that I would get to go often. My work schedule is funky enough to make it nearly impossible to go regularly. I'll figure something out I hope...

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