Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Social Experiments

Good afternoon loves! It's my day off! Woohoo! Damn have I earned this bad boy this week.

If you know anything about me from real life, or from reading my blog, twitter, instagram or pinterest, I hope one of the tidbits you've taken away is that I'm a nerd. Nerd. HUGE nerd. Learning is fun for me and I enjoy most things geeky and obscure.

Being the nerd that I am... I devised an experiment... Will wearing makeup to work increase my tips? If you haven't noticed, I'm not a makeup girl. Hell I can barely paint my nails without looking like I went to a half blind baboon for a mani. It's embarrassing, but it's a fact of life for me. My mom have ULTRA sensitive skin and can't wear it and my grandma is stuck in the pancake days. Ew. Not cute.

I have some Bare Minerals foundation that I bought a year or so ago that has sat unopened and unused. It works as both a foundation and concealer. The lady I bought it from at Sephora told me that much. I also bought some Almay eyeliner and mascara specifically for hazel eyes. I've watched a couple how to videos on youtube, so I just went for it. Why not? What can it hurt? I've always been a big chicken when it comes to eye makeup. Quite afraid of stabbing myself in the eye.

Not too bad for a first attempt, huh?
Seeing as though it's an experiment, I need to be able to replicate the results for it to be filed as a causation, and not just a correlation. Based on last night, I saw a HUGE correlation. I didn't act or dress any differently. I saw about a 50% increase last night. O_O Holy crap. Last night (Tuesday night) I brought home about $100 in tips. DAYUM. A normal night is $50-$60.

After all was said and done... Foundation and eyes..
I didn't think I looked that much different, but I guess I did... My little brother and best guy friend said that I did. I'm not wearing anything but the mascara, eyeliner and foundation. Nothing on my lips or anything... Not too shabby, huh?


  1. Looks good! Very interesting experiment! I usually do wear makeup (foundation, powder, eye shadow and mascara) but I do the bare minimum. My mom is a total tom boy so I never properly learned everything. I wish I was better at it!

  2. You look wonderful either way... but I have found that a little makeup goes a long way. Just accent your natural beauty. And hey, you made a lot more money. :)

  3. Well that's really quite a social experiment. You look great with and without makeup. Honestly, I only wear BB cream and mascara to work, unless someone from NY is coming in for something. If you branch out to eye shadow, I like how the brown eye liner and shadow make my hazel eyes pop. :) I'd doll myself up if I was making more money because of it. Maybe a hint of gloss for another cool $50? ha! Keep us posted!

  4. Putting on makeup is SUCH A PAIN! Someday's I truly HATE it. But my mother brain washed me from a young age that if I'm leaving the house - I MUST have makeup on! It doesn't help that I tried to go makeup-less in highschool and my (now ex) best friend told me I looked like an albino rat! What a grreat friend huh!!???

    When it comes to money though, I would definitley wear more makeup for money!