Saturday, June 1, 2013

From Binge to Victory

Howdy loves! 

Have I mentioned how much of a BSC drama queen Shark Week turns me into? It's sad. 

So I binged... Damn... I screwed up... I refuse to let one bad judgement call screw up progress. Not gonna do it. Aw hell no. 

So... How did I recover from my binge? I restarted C25K! I had to stop about half way through, because I started getting a TERRIBLE headache. I'm pretty sure it was a combination of dehydration and my body revolting against the crap I fed it earlier in the day. 

The point is, I actually got to run. And it felt gooood. With all my injury set backs, I had almost forgotten how good it felt to run. I'm going to do it again soon, I hope. With the new job, it's a bit rough to get home at 10:30 and want to do anything other than sleep. I need to figure out a new schedule, or hope that I get put on days soon :)


  1. I'm glad to hear that you're back at it! We all have a bad day from time to time and the important thing is that you're not letting one day completely derail you.

  2. "I'm pretty sure it was a combination of dehydration and my body revolting against the crap I fed it earlier in the day."


    I call that the "sugar shits." I hate them. Yet, when I let loose and overeat something that I KNOW I shouldn't indulge in, my body does the same thing yours did and I feel like I'm dying. I'm not sure when...or IF...I'll ever get a handle on learning to just avoid certain "trigger foods" that send me into an eye-rolling, binge-eating fiend, but I sure as heck make reparations immediately after I get out of the bathroom by drinking water, eating better at the next meal (if applicable) and exercising my ass off the next day. It's all we can do as human beings trying to get healthy. ;)

    As long as you get right back up on that horse and start riding again you're one step ahead of the gals with their hands still in the candy jar from the day before.

  3. Way to pick yourself up and dust yourself off! I think the headache was from the sugar and not enough water to flush it out. It's such a balancing act. Keep your chin up and don't let one bad day bring you down!

  4. Great job, Sammie!! Glad you're back on the running wagon - don't look back and keep on moving, Baby!!