Thursday, January 31, 2013

Live Music is Good for the Soul

My parents and I have a Thursday night tradition. At our favorite Mexican food place, they have live music every Thursday from 6:30-10:30pm. The guys that play (always the same 2 guys) are the most awesome performers. They are a (mostly) cover band with a few originals thrown in. I really think my parents take me just to see me laugh and smile again. Hell, even dad slips them extra tips to play the songs I like. During breaks they visit the tables and always hug me and mom, and shake dad's hand.

Steve and Earl never fail to bring a smile to my face, even when I'm in the crappiest of moods. It's all classic country, with some modern thrown in and Steve's originals. One of the originals spoke to me tonight. It was called "Looking Up." You always get further by looking up. Think about that one for a bit...

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