Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My give a damn's busted

One of the crappy things I experience occasionally are those days when you just don't give a damn. Mine are more often than not as of late. Today is a don't give a damn day. How can you tell if you are having a don't give a damn day? Here are some signs:

Overwhelming desire to crawl under the nearest large object and sleep.

Refusal to wear appropriate clothing for the day. (I don't care if I'm working... Jeans are FINE! Just be happy I'm not in effin fuzzy slippers!)

Your hair... Dear lord your hair.

Your alarm goes off and you refuse to move until the urge to pee nearly consumes you.

You seriously consider pulling up Netflix and scrapping any lessons that we're left for you.

Does anyone else have any signs that your give a damn might be dysfunctional? Share them in the comments!

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