Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Something happened at work today that piqued my interest... Apparently a bunch from the high school that I normally sub at took window paint to a rival high school's vehicles. Stupid high school assery..

I heard about what happened, so I went on twitter to check it out. Pretty reliable source, considering the kids actually fessed up to being there. So, I was searching on twitter and I came across some tweets making fun of me...

Apparently I was talking to myself in 2nd period today and the kids saw me. This is normal for me... I tend to talk to myself when I'm thinking or writing (I did both today). I wasn't prepared, however, for being made fun of... Strike one for my fragile ego :-(

I suppose this is something I should expect. I'm an adult, they're kids. They are supposed to think I'm a little BSC. I just wasn't prepared. Lesson learned blog-o-sphere... Don't search for high school news on twitter and expect to come out with your pride intact.

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