Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Grocery Shopping

Tonight was the night to grocery shop... ICK. I'm not a fan of grocery shopping. I'm especially not a fan of leaving my new car in a parking lot full of buggies and random driving strangers, but anyways.. I learned a very valuable lesson tonight, HEB in Taylor has crap for produce. The tomatoes are gross (fruit flies! EW!) and everything is over priced... There is also a certain time of the month that a woman shouldn't grocery shop... I'll let you get what time of the month that is! Oh well, lesson learned.

I found this awesome recipe at this blog here. It's primarily Weight Watchers based, but the food looks amazing. For dinner tomorrow night I'm making the chicken taquitos that are from her April 11th post. It looks really easy and super tasty. I'll be sure to update tomorrow with how they turned out..

Zumba earlier today and it looks like I'm about to do some Yoga.. Have a good night everyone!

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