Monday, April 2, 2012


The title of today's post is setbacks... I draw the inspiration from a near injury I got from walking tonight. For those that know (and sometimes love) me, know that I have the worst knees of any mid-20 something that you know.

Tonight during my walk, one of my knees decided it wanted to pop, crack and generally hurt like biz-atch. My friend that I walk with was really worried and offered to stop for the night. I refused to stop and we walked one last lap around the school.

No matter what you perceive as a set back, you shouldn't let it stop you. Setbacks are minor, however they lead to something worse... Quitting. And along with quitting, there are excuses. Don't let a small amount of pain, a tv show, or emotional drainage set you back from a goal. Keep pushing ahead. Things will improve.

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