Monday, April 9, 2012

Shame shame shame...

Yes.. Shame on me.. I've neglected you for far too long! How's about an update?

Zumba today.. Oyuki had new music for us, and it busted my bum! It was a lot of fun trying to learn the new moves, but (I'm sad to say) I miss doing squats! I may get the song and do some squats on my own.

Friday I went to the doctor for my yearly wellness check. The only issue they've found is the fact that I'm obese (duh... moving on). The crappy part is, for the first time in my life I've had to have the fasting blood work done to check my thyroid, glucose and cholesterol.. Lame.. Oh well, I knew it was coming eventually. The doctor and medical student that saw me gave me some really good tips on weight loss and have encouraged me to start counting my calories. >.< I'm horrible at counting calories.. They also suggested exercise using some resistance bands (which I bought on Saturday!), and maybe some body weight exercises to start building muscles.The medical student said that I was building muscles, so I should expect little to no change in weight..

My goals/stats haven't changed lately.. I haven't met any of my goals.. I have noticed a difference in the strength of my joints and I think I've lost some inches, but no real weight loss... I'm not feeling super motivated at the moment..

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