Wednesday, April 25, 2012

No Zumba = Sad Panda

No Zumba today :( Sad Panda. Our instructor had to run her son to the hospital. Thoughts and prayers go out to Oyuki and her son..

These last few days have been murder on my waistline. Testing season is upon us, and I've been coerced given the privilege of administering the STAAR test for 4th and 5th grade. Tomorrow is my last day (Thank God!), but the dealings for STAAR have thrown my schedule wayyy off. I'm at work at 0730 (normal time for normal teachers, ACE Coordinator gets in around 10) usually without time for breakfast. They serve a snack around 10am and we have lunch at 1130. Unfortunately during the test, I have nothing to do and have caught myself snacking. Also, in lieu of my bowl of Cherrios or fruit I've had Poptarts. Leaving early also means no time to make my lunch :-(. Oh!! Yesterday was my 23rd birthday, so there was cake.. Lots of tasty, icing covered, layer of fat on my ass cake.. Delightful, amazing cake.. Yum.. Needless to say, I ate more cake than necessary.

I'm dragging my James out later tonight to take a walk.. Then yoga or toning. Need to build up my Nexercise points and burn off my morning Poptarts.. I will post pictures tonight after my walk!

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