Thursday, February 21, 2013

2 Post in a DAY?

The only reason I write this is to bring your attention to the FABULOUSNESS that is my new blog! Holy guacamole! This blog has been brought to you by the beautiful Natalie over at Beauty and Brains with Brown Eyes!

Natalie is one of my best heifers girlfriends from college! We lived together for a year, then I graduated (whomp whomp). She is probably one of my biggest supporters through this journey I've set out on. This is the girl who saw me through the chunky, and will be there at the end waiting for the funky!

Before one of our MANY Aggie Football games together!

This is what love looks like!

Waiting for dinner before our college formal!

Thanks for the completely amazing blog facelift!! And you're welcome for posting the cross eyed picture :-p

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