Monday, February 11, 2013

This Whole Healthy Eating Thing....

SUCKS! Seriously..

I decided to be a good girl and have the Chick Fil A fruit bowl for breakfast this morning. Sounds good, right? NOT! Holy moly... I ate breakfast around 7:30 and I'M BLOODY STARVING! Like I have a headache, my stomach hurts hungry. This can't be right.. Or am I that much of a lard ass?

I'm thinking a trip to the grocery store is in order... That way I can get snacky stuff and healthy breakfast stuff. Breakfast has become a difficult part of my day, thanks to a bombshell dropped on me this morning.. Apparently my barely over minimum wage job makes me qualified to buy my own breakfast at these expensive lovely fast food places that we eat at every morning. Yes, because I have an extra $25 a week to spend on greasy ass calorie filled breakfast fare (however I may have to set aside $10 a week for my giant sized Coke Zero habit).

Maybe we should eat breakfast at home I says, no time they says. Bleh. It's time for me to actually roll my ass out of bed at 6am (instead of snoozing my alarm) and make food that's not icky. And maybe will keep me full. And maybe it's time for a store trip for snacks that I can take to work? All I know is that if I have many more days like this, the desk I'm sitting at will not be safe from being eating...


  1. I roll out of bed at 6am every day, but I usually snooze for 15 minutes. By the time I'm up and moving, I barely have time for breakfast. BUT--I get in the kitchen at 7am, and usually microwave oatmeal or a Jimmy Dean Turkey Delight, ya know, the frozen ones that are only like 250 calories? They don't keep me going all morning, so pack a fruit snack for mid-morning. And lots of snacks! I'm obsessed with the Special K chips & pastry crisps. Check them out! And text me!

    1. That's what I'm thinking.. Microwave oatmeal or something like the Jimmy Dean things (love the commercials!). I like the Special K chips and I'm thinking I may get some of those awesome Nature Valley bars too. I can definitely eat healthy, I just need something to snack on! Also loving Baked Lays! They are around 130 Cal per serving and they are perfect for my salty cravings.