Friday, May 3, 2013

Fluffly Post Friday

I think I may start a new trend... Fluffy Post Friday.. This is where I will write something fluffy and enjoyable. Hopefully funny and just overall worth reading. It will probably be overly happy, lots of !!!!!!!!!!!!s and just nice in general. After a week of stress and hardships, everyone needs a Fluffy Friday! Fluffy Friday is also where I will share good news, sappy news, and probably where I will just generally gush about the boys and the friends I have in my life :)

So... What's new on this Fluffy Friday?

I have some of the nerdiest smartest friends ever! Today is a HUGE day for 2 of my best friends in the entire world! Natalie over at Beauty and Brains with Brown Eyes is interviews with a Doctorial OT program today! If When she gets in and finishes the program, I'll have to call her Dr. Owen Tucker :) GO GET EM HEIFER! YOU GOT THIS SHIT!

We're super attractive... I know...

Then my lovely Richard (bum doesn't actually have a blog) is defending his Master's Thesis today!! He's already started the work for his PhD, but this is still HUGE for him! He was supposed to defend in December/Janurary, but his advisor is a slow ass whore bitch a little slow when it comes to getting him his revisions in a timely manner. This is the last step he has before I can officially call him Master Richard.. I could make dirty jokes with his name, but I'll resist :)

This is the only picture of just the two of us that exists! We must remedy this issue!

Last night was a really rough night for me.. As I've mentioned before, I'm an EMT and I volunteer with my local fire department. I ran a call last night that was... Scary... One my my grandma's best friends is dying of cancer... We were called to her house for a head ache.. We get there and Mom, my buddy Chris, and I are pretty sure she's having a stroke. This hit a little close to home for me, because she is my grandma's age and both of my grandparents have cancer. I was feeling down and a little sad about the circle of life. (THERE IS FLUFF COMING, PROMISE!) I sent Carlos a text message, asking him to call me on his way home from work because I needed to laugh. So he called me... Turns out, HE NEVER GOT MY TEXT! He called me on his way home from work just because he missed me and wanted to talk to me :) DAWWWW
Aren't we just adorable?
Do you have Fluffy to share? Let me know in the comments!! Maybe we can start a link up :)


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  1. I'm still amazed at your job as an EMT. Just amazed. Looking forward to more fluff! :)
    Lulu and Daisy