Monday, May 6, 2013

Monday Again?

My thoughts exactly...

Good morning loves! It's another Monday... Monday, Monday (ba da ba da da). Yes... I went all Mamas and Papas on your behind. Bam. What did I do this weekend? Absolutely nothing productive... I wound up not running in the 5K, due to my leg being a butthead. I am counting down the days until I go to the doctor for my physical. Also counting the days until payday so I can get one of those foam roller thingys to massage my leg. Maybe it will help... Hopefully...

Funny story... I pulled out the scale this morning and decided that maybe since it had a week to recoup from being ralphed on by my baby girl, maybe it was working better... Nope... It did measure my weight.. Crazy thing said I weighed 354.2 pounds... Must be a flaw, so I stepped off and stepped back on... 97.6 pounds.. Neither weights are anywhere near correct! Guess it's time to turn it into a giant paper weight...

I guess I did have a little bit of a productive weekend... I got some REALLY SUPER AWESOME FANTASTIC HOLY SHITBALLS NEWS from Natalie over at Beauty and Brains with Brown Eyes!!! But I've been placed on a gag order until further notice... Heifer... SHARE THE GOOD NEWS ALREADY!! DAMMIT WOMAN!! I'M DYING OVER HERE!!!

I also went out with Carlos! Twas quite fun! We ate at a pub type place (Bleu cheese stuffed burger! OMG NOM!) and went to his house for cuddles and a movie. My joke of the day was I celebrated Cinco de Mayo by eating cheeseburgers with a Puerto Rican date :)

On my breakup with James... I just recently put it on Facebook... I've had several people ask and quite frankly, I'm tired of talking about it. Plus I would really like to move forward in my relationship with Carlos. We've had several conversations about becoming exclusive, so I see that possibly happening in the near future (insert squeals of delight and adoration here).
Yes Mr. Burns... I will be a fantastic girlfriend... Excellent..
I want to send everyone a warning as to what happens if you send me an embarrassing picture... I will post it on my blog, because I'm just that mean. I'm not really mean, per se, I just want to share how FREAKING ADORABLE my Carlos is.. And I want you to share in my snickers while I make completely inappropriate jokes about eating cherry pie... Or having his mouth full of pie... Or that blissed out look he has when he eats pie... I'm not a mean person.. I swear :) I'm just onery!!

Mouth full of pie... Giggle


  1. LOL at your scale. I'd take the second reading. :)

  2. Awww glad you had a fun date night with your man! ;) I agree with Marie, go with the second scale reading.