Thursday, May 16, 2013

Non Scale Victories! Back in the Saddle Again


Good morning my dears! It's Thursday! Which means it's my FAVE DAY OF THE WEEK IN THE BLOGGING WORLD!! It's time for another fantastical edition of Non-Scale Victories! And boy have I got a good one today..

Piggy backing off of my post yesterday when I mentioned my mom telling me that I'm a crabby, cranky bitch unpleaseant when I am off my game with eating. I've made a correlation between good eating habits and my moods... Good eating=nice Sammie. Bad eating=psycho bitch from hell Sammie. Lesson learned? Yep. So... My victory this week?


Seriously... If you are a MFP junkie, you should so add me (dramallamaduck)! Woot! I have found that when I log my calorie intake, I tend to eat better. Maybe it's because I really don't want to know how many calories are in my Sonic Toaster sammich.

What are your victories this week? I can't wait to read all of them!!



  1. I added you on MFP! :) Awesome job making that realization and making some changes!

  2. Awesome job on getting back to tracking!! I need to get better about that!

  3. I'm so glad you're back on MFP! I am the same way about being mean and cranky when I'm feeling off my game - good for you for taking control again! So proud of you!!

  4. Eating protein and fresh fruit!

  5. Well, giddy up! many of you getting on MFP, I'm going to make mine public so I can get back in the saddle, too...but not till Monday. I'll hit you up drama llama duck...that's hilarious.
    Well done, Sammie!

  6. Congratulations! Great job getting back on the saddle!