Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Lost: Motivation. If Found, Please Return... 5K Spring Training


Goooood morning lovelies!! It's Tuesday... I'm tired... And completely unmotivated. For the last couple days I have put on my work out clothes, laced up my shoes, and have NOT gone on a walk/jog. At all. When I walk/jog, I usually do so at night.. I leave the house about 8:15pm and I'm home by 9:00pm to shower and relex.

I need to get my rear in gear, but my motivation seems to have gone AWOL. I can't find it.. I've looked everywhere. I've become complacent and I'm fighting with myself. My inner skinny girl yells at me to get off my arse and go exercise. Then my inner fat girl feeds her a cupcake and she shuts up.. It's an internal struggle and it's making me tired!

Last night I was called away on an EMS call... Poor little girl fell off a trampoline and broke her arm. It was ugly. Sunday night, I was on doggy duty while my parents went grocery shopping. I know I live in a small town where the crime rate is relatively low, but I don't like going for my runs/walks when no one is home. I exercise outside, usually after dark. I just feel safer if I can let someone know where I'm going. They know my route in case something happens and they know when I come home. Maybe a tad paranoid, but I'd much rather be safe than sorry.

I find my utter lack of motivation very frustrating. I'm also more tired than normal... Like, I'm sitting here at work trying not to fall asleep on my keyboard. I've had breakfast, I'm sipping on caffiene, and I fell asleep around 11:20 last night. Maybe I need to sleep earlier tonight. Or catch a nap on the way home. I'm so tired and its frustrating!! Maybe the time has come to pop a Benadryl and really sleep. I can't keep zombie-ing on like this...

Going back and re-reading this before I post... Dear Lord my thoughts are everywhere... The lack of sleep must be messing with my attention span.

iPhone screen shot... Squirrel!


  1. bahahaha love that photo! I totally have to take benadryl, sleep aid, tylenol pm etc. ALOT because my mind won't shut down, especially when I work out in the evenings. It takes me forever to unwind and get ready for bed, and then my bootcamp comes wayyyy too early. After that, it's a vicious cycle! I'm sure you will find your motivation after some good rest! :)

    I'm totally with ya on the paranoid thing. Lucky for me, fat people are harder to kidnap though. :)

  2. It is so hard to stay motivated! There is so many other things that I'd rather be doing. But my need to be healthier is outweighing my need to not exercise. I set mini goals and reward myself when I make them. Maybe you can find motivation that way.

    Have a great day!

    Notions from Nonny

  3. I feel ya on the lack of motivation. I had that before I broke my toe last week...now even if I had the motivation there's nothing I can do!

    But when I WAS doing well on going to the gym (despite a lack of motivation) I always went straight from work. I don't know if you have any opportunity to get your workouts in between working or whatever and when you go home, but I know personally if I GET home, and sit down (anywhere) even if I put my workout clothes and shoes on, I'm not going anywhere haha.

    BTW, I love that picture. I sit at a desk all day and my mind starts to wander just like that right around 2 oclock every day haha.

  4. It can be SO hard to get motivated when you have so much going on or when you are exhausted. But if I've learned anything from your blogs, you ARE motivated, you KNOW what you have to do and you inspire me all the time. You've got this, you're just struggling right now. You can do it, though, Sammie! I know you can :). PS I am the same way about wanting someone to know my route ;). Safety first!

  5. Yes, maybe your motivation is with my motivation on vacation??