Thursday, May 2, 2013

Non Scale Victories!


"The scale can't measure your will, your drive, how much time you put into your food plan, or how many temptations you said no to. It can't tell how many old habits you broke or new, healthier habits you started. It doesn't know the effort you put in at the gym, and it doesn't care. It won't heap praise on you because you chose the stairs over the elevator or know that you passed on a slice of a colleague's birthday cake even though you wanted it with all your heart."

- Kim Bensen

I had to steal the above quote from the beautiful lady Katie, simply because it completely reflects my exact seniments with the journey that I'm on. The scale does not define you. Your beauty, your health, your worth is not determined by the number on the scale.

So what is my victory today? I'm back to my healthy breakfast ways! I got ran over by fell off the wagon when it comes to healthy breakfast during my trip to Galveston a couple weeks ago. I've been ok with lunch and struggling with portion control at dinner, but breakfast went flying out the window. I am proud to say that I've only eaten Chick Fil A once this week and every other day I've had Greek Yogurt and something else (fruit, protien bar, etc...).

I've also started cutting back on my soda intake. You and I both know that Coke Zero is crack soda to me.. Almost as back as the Caramel Delights being crack cookies... Damn you adorbable Girl Scouts and your crack cookies. Normally in the morning I'll get myself a giant Coke Zero where ever mom stops for breakfast.. Guess what's in my cup today? Diet Green Tea. Thank you Sonic!

I will admit that I tried to weigh myself on Monday morning, just to see what would happen... Wellllll... One of my dogs barfed on my scale a couple days before... It sounds icky, but it's true.. I didn't realize the extent of the damage. Needless to say, my scale is now having epileptic seizures. Awesome. Oh well!

Until next time my friends :)



  1. hahahaha your dog knew you needed to step away from that scale! Awesome job on the breakfasts!

  2. Good job on the breakfasts! I'm also a coke addict, though my flavor of choice is good 'ole Diet Coke. One thing that helps me is to drink my water with those flavor mix-ins (Crystal Light, etc.) -- they're low- or no calorie, and it helps to replace a flavored pop with a flavored water, even if it's not the same :)

    Carolyn @

  3. GIRL! I am a caramel delight (please, I'm old--they are Samoas) junkie. I actually didn't buy GS Cookies this year. It's okay, though, because those damn Keebler Elves make them now and you can get them all year. I am happy to say I got off the Coke Zero ride. It was hard, but I just convinced myself it was like drinking bleach. Way to go on your success this week!
    Lulu and Daisy

  4. That is my favorite weight loss quote, feel free to use it because I think it is so true! It is good to remind yourself that the scale shouldn't have too much power also! Congrats on getting back on track with breakfasts. It has always been a meal that I struggle with too. Thanks for linking up!

  5. Great job on getting your breakfasts back on track! It's hard when you like something so much, isn't it?? I'd eat a freaking bagel if I could...and I think your pup was trying to keep you from weighing.hehehhheeh ;)

  6. That's one way to dispose of the scale! (And I thought only bashing it was the way,lol) Nice job getting back to breakfast. I have to say that I fail in that area. I am just not hungry in the morning. So a small cup of coffee suffices.

    Hope you have a wonderful week! Talk to you soon!