Monday, May 20, 2013

Well.. I'm alive?

I made it through the weekend..

Good morning my sweet readers! I've missed you all so much! This weekend was pure CHAOS! I worked a grand total of 25 hours this weekend at Denny's, plus I had my regular work week last week, and I cleaned my great-grandma's house.. 3 jobs my loves... 3... I'm a bit tired...

I have to say, I love being a waitress! It's so much fun and the money is really good! I never would have imagined that I would enjoy it so much :) It's really exhausting though. I was asleep last night by 10pm. Carlos called around 11pm and I think I had about a 15 minute conversation with him. I don't really remember.

Speaking of Carlos.. We are going out tonight! He's finally making good on his promise to take me to see Great Gatsby :) We are also having dinner and hanging out at the mall.. It's a good half way point between our houses. I'm really excited! Plus I look absolutely adorable today! I'm wearing my new skirt from Lane Bryant and my favorite green shirt :) Maybe I'll take a picture for tomorrow?

Not much to say today.. Work has me all kinds of busy. Thankfully this is my last week at school, so I'll be down to 2 jobs, instead of 3. Yipes. I'm tired...



  1. So glad your new job is fabulous and making you good $$!

  2. Sounds like a great job! Hope you make lots of money! :D