Friday, May 24, 2013

Fluffy Friday! Pieces of Happy :)

Good morning my darlings! I am linking up during this morning's Fluffy Friday with the beautiful girl, Kenzie over at Chasing Happy! So... What is happy for me this week? Oh so much :)

>>Date night with my Carlos!

>>The Great Gatsby... Best movie adaptation of a book... EVER!

>>Getting a good 2.3 mile walk in on Wednesday night

>>My last day of having 3 jobs is... TODAY!

>>Being 100% obsessed with my new job.
Except at the end of 12 hour shifts... Yikes...

>>My dear friend Rudy has a date tonight! I'm so excited for him!

>>Planning Carlos's birthday awesomeness! I'll give my sweet readers details, but HE GETS NONE! :-p

Yep.. Taking him to Schillterbahn! Along with other various things :)
>>@psiloveyou__ on IG! They have some of the absolute sweetest pictures... Sigh

>>That funny feeling I get in my chest when I hear Carlos say my name.
I hate this picture of me... But it captured the moment perfectly...

>>That funny feeling I get in my chest when I catch myself daydreaming about my boyfriend :)


  1. When I read fluffy friday I immediately pictured the giant "cloud" you're on with Carlos!
    Happy Friday!

  2. WOW lady, three jobs is a lot! Glad you're not having to mess with that anymore. Happy weekend!