Monday, May 27, 2013

Three Little Words

Good evening dearest readers. I hope you're all having a wonderful Memorial Day. I know I am!

I'm writing this post for the sole purpose of sharing some exciting news :) Carlos dropped the L word today! That's right. He said, "I love you." Squeal!! 

I of course said it back. I really do believe that I'm in love with him. My life is no longer about my happiness, but his as well. His over mine. Being apart from him is like missing something important and not being sure how to function without it. You figure it out eventually, but it's not easy and it's certainly not fun. 

He doesn't like saying goodbye. He says it's too final. He prefers a "Talk to you tomorrow." Or something of that sort. I don't ever want to have a tomorrow without him in it. 

My feelings for him are so different than anything I've felt before. It's so different and so amazing and so... Real. Very real. I Knew he loved me before he actually said it. I could tell by the way he looked in my eyes, smiled at me, touched my face and kissed me. He radiates his love through his fingertips. It's so wonderful. 

Wanna know why else I love him? He's as weird as I am :)


  1. So sweet...I am glad things are going well for you. :D

  2. Eek! I'm so happy for you, Sammie!

  3. Congratulations!!! I'm so happy for you!

  4. I have to say that even I let out a little squeal for you! So exciting. I'm thrilled for you both!

  5. Hey Sammie,

    So I love your blog so much I nominated it for a Liebster Award! The questions are on my page so grab them and chuck them up on yours!

    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Love Gi