Tuesday, March 5, 2013

First Things First Link Up! And the secrets to my success :)

I found another link up! Woot!

First Things First

First thing I reach for in the fridge
Um... Depends on where I am.. If I am at my grandma's house, it's almost always for a Coke Zero or a Dr. Pepper 10. I'm a hooker for the fizzy burn of the soda. Is it healthy? Probably not. Everyone has a vice dammit. If I'm at home and I'm snacking, it's for string cheese. I also do a lot of cooking, so I'm always in and out of the fridge for different ingredients.

First car accident or traffic violation
My first (and only) car accident happened when I was in college. I was trying to turn left on a protected arrow. Apparently the car going the opposite direction missed the day in driver's ed about stopping at a red light. I had myself and 3 of my best friends in the car. None of us were seriously injured, but we were sore and bruised. I still fume about that wreck (5+ years ago) because I loved that car. It was the first car I really loved.

First BIG accomplishment I'm proud of
Loaded question! Since I've promised honesty, here it goes... My first BIG accomplishment that I'm proud of is dumping my emotionally abusive asshat of an ex. I found out a couples weeks ago that he got married. Glad I dodged that bullet. Every time I would try to make a positive change in my life or go out with my friends (wihtout him) I would get the major 3rd degree. I'm talking guilt, shaming, and threats of leaving just because I went roaming with a couple of my best friends instead of hanging with him. Asshole. I dumped his bum and immediately felt the weight lift off my shoulders. I didn't even cry. He tried to get back with me, and I wouldn't let myself be sucked in again. Nope nope.

So.. Someone asked me yesterday what my secrets to losing the weight are.. I really can't say that I nescessarily have a secret. Everything in moderation, log it all, and I don't have a "no no" list. If I want a piece of candy, I have a (read ONE) piece of candy and I log it. If I want pizza, I have pizza. One thing that has absolutely killed me in past diet adventures is the restriction. I can't give myself a "no no" list. It's just one of those mental blocks. If I can't have it, I want it. Then I binge and fall off the diet train into a deep pit of fast food, carbs and cake.

The secret? There is no secret. Make sensible choices, drink your water, and don't deny yourself a small treat every now and then. I'm not saying to reward your weightloss with food.. Negative. Nope. No way Jose. Reward your loss with something NON FOOD RELATED!! Like for me... My first milestone will be 20 lbs lost. What is my reward? I'm getting a pedicure. Want some motivation? How about some of these:

Weight does not EVER define your self worth.

Keep calm love. This will happen.

Never ever!!

You were born to be fabulous.

Love, Peace and Chicken Grease <3>


  1. Ooh I've totally been snacking on string cheese like crazy lately! Such a great (and mostly healthy) snack option! And that stinks about your car wreck! I would probably still be mad too! Glad you joined in and linked up with us today!

    1. I am completely addicted to sting cheese. My mom keeps it in the house all the time. It's awesome :)

  2. "My first BIG accomplishment that I'm proud of is dumping my emotionally abusive asshat of an ex."

    You go, girl! I was in that situation in 04 and it makes me so happy everytime I see another girl make the right choice to LEAVE! Life is so much better now. :)

    1. Oh yes! Most definitely. All I did when I heard he got married was shake my head... I'm just glad it wasn't me. I was within 8 months of the big day.. Just getting ready to dress shop. Thank God that didn't happen!

  3. Live an active life today, to reach tomorrow ; Because tomorrow is more beautiful ......