Friday, March 29, 2013

2 Liebsters?? Holy Catfish Batman!

I am so honored to say that I have been nominated for 2 Liebster Awards!! Holy cow! O_O I wasn't expecting one nom nom nomination, much less TWO. Since I have been nominated for 2 awards, I will do the requirements for both :) All total that's 22 random facts about me, 22 questions answered, and  I will nominate for as many as I can.. I'm not sure I follow that many blogs..

So what exactly is a Liebster award? 
The Liebster Award is for bloggers with fewer than 200 followers. A Blogger nominates 11 fellow bloggers and asks them a set of 11 questions. The rules state that a nominee must link back to the blogger from whom they received a nomination. The nominee will write 11 random facts about themselves and then answer the 11 questions which have been set for them. They in turn will nominate another 11 bloggers and pose 11 questions to them. This is a really fun way to discover and connect with new bloggers and help us all gain some new followers along the way!

My first nomination came from my best heifer in the whoooole wide world, Natalie at Beauty and Brains with Brown Eyes. She is also the designer of my ultra fab layout! She's also tall. Super tall. Amazonian tall. 6'4" how's the weather up there tall.

11 facts about me for Natalie:
1. I once shared a group hug with Natalie, her sister and her dad... The top of my head came up to Nat's boobs. I was the shortest person in the hug. It was a bit awkward to look straight and see chests...
2. I am obsessed with shoes. I think I have around 40 pair... All of which I wear...
3. I only wear glasses when I'm too lazy to put my contacts in.
4. I am a nationally registered EMT-Basic.
5. I love working for charitable causes. Have a silent auction that you need items for? Selling raffle tickets? Need volunteers for a school carnival? I'm your girl!
6. Speaking of charitable causes, did I mention that I'm also a volunteer firefighter? Basically I risk my arse to save yours FO FREE :) You're welcome.
7. I'm a little cocky... I don't beleive I'm the best... I know. That's a fact Jack.
8. I love the TV Show Duck Dynasty! Most of my Wednesdays are rest days, simply so I can watch.
9. I've been engaged twice. Yes... Twice... Did I mention that I'm turning 24 next month?
10. I am a teacher. Yep.. Right now I only sub, but I am looking for work as an English teacher! Love my high school kids.
11. I am a HUGE believer in the concept of Karma. What goes around, comes around. ALL.THE.TIME.

Natalie's Questions
What do you enjoy most about blogging?
Gathering my thoughts in written form... It's theraputic to be able to go back and read about what was on my mind on a specific day.

What is your dream vacation?
I reallllllly want to visit Europe. More specifically, Germany, France and the UK. I'm a mixed breed of cultures, but I do know that I'm over half German with a smattering of Irish and Cherokee. I think spending like... A month in Europe would be amazing. I'm also a fan of WWII history, so I would visit so many museums, etc.. Oh and maybe I should mention that I LOVE BRITISH LITERATURE! Seriously.. Shakespeare is my homeboy.

Phone call or text?
Depends on the convo taking place and who I'm talking to.. My friends Natalie and Richard I text, but I talk on the phone with Ellie and Britt...

What song(s) are you currently in love with?

I love this song!!! OMG LOVE IT!!

If you won a million dollars, what would you do with it?
Pay off my student loan debt! I know it sounds lame, but that is my one goal in life! Debt free!

What is your favorite book or movie?
I am a book nerd.. I have lots of books at  I love .. I guess the one I'm currently obsessed with is the Divergent series by Veronica Roth. I love any and all things post-apocolyptic and dystopian.

What is one thing you can NEVER leave home without?
My phone. It;s how I track all of my calories and everything.. I can't go without it. I'm terrible at rememberings to log things if I don't do it immediately.

What 4 words would you use to describe yourself?
Quirky, dependable, cocky, confident

What is your biggest pet peeve?
Teachers that don't leave lesson plans!

What is your favorite post or most viewed post to date?
Probably one of my NSV Link Ups. It's so important to celebrate things in health and fitness not related to the number on the scale.Also maybe my giveaway post.. It was my first one!

Would you rather be famous for the rest of your life or be the best friend of someone famous?
I would much rather be the best friend of someone famous... You still get perks, but you don't get all the attention..

My next nom nom nomination came from Sue at Limefreckle. I started following her blog through one of my several link ups... The first thing that caught my eye was her jewelry! I like to make jewelry myself, so I was drawn to the sparkles :) Check out her Etsy shop here! Isn't it all TO FREAKIN DIE FOR?! Love love love.

Facts for Sue
1. I love to make jewelry, but I rarely wear my creations. My daily jewelry is my watch and my Aggie Ring. I used to wear an engagement ring, but we know how that ended :(
2. I was born with blonde hair and brown eyes... As I got older, my hair turned red and my eyes morphed into a crazy combo of green and brown.
3. I obsessively check my email. It's an addiction.
4. I love to crochet! It's very relaxing.. In fact, I may add something homemade to my giveaway in April!
5. I tend to name my vehicles. My current car's name is Damon.. My previous car was named Winston. Winston was an 85 Mercedes 300SD. Winston's girlfriend's name was Winifred or Winnie. She was Natalie's 92 Honda Accord.
6. One of my students once told me that he was in love with my hair... Apparently gingers are appealing..
7. I'm clumsy. I'm constantly covered in bruises, most of which I have no clues as to the origins.
8. I'm the captain of cheesy one liners and puns... PMS jokes aren't funny.... Period...
9. I am disgraphic...
10. I am partially deaf. I only hear out of my left ear. My right ear canal is about the size of a sewing needle. I also have no ear drum and the inner ear is deformed. I was born that way and the problems were discovered around 9 weeks of age. My deafness is why I typically do not speak with any sort of accent. I can, but it's a matter of choice. I haven't had any surgeries to correct the problem and I really don't want any.. If you have any questions, I'll be happy to answer! I have no shame.
11. I have ZERO fashion sense. I can put together something cute in my head or for someone else, but I can barely dress myself. When I'm not at work, I live in jeans and tshirts.

Questions from Sue

Cats or Dogs?
Dogs! I love dogs... Cats don't love me.

What is your favourite song right now?
Just Give Me A Reason by Pink... LOVE. Also a huge fan of Thrift Shop by Macklemore

What book are you reading, and is it in book format, or kindle/ipad?
The Last Olympian by Rick Riordan. It's the 5th book in the Percy Jackson series. It is in regular book format. I also have a stack of books waiting to be read...

What do you like most about blogging?
Thoughts into words and actually seeing that people are interested in what goes on inside my twisted mind.

What would be your dream job?
Librarian! I'm working on making that a reality... Ugh grad school.

Where did you last go on vacation?
New Orleans. I was there for a work conference last August and got to do lots of touristy junk.

What kind of car do you drive?
2011 Volkswagon Jetta.. His name is Damon.

Favourite jewelry - earrings, bracelet or necklace?
I have a pair of studs that I wear every day. They literally never come out of my ears.My grandmother gave them to me for my 18th birthday. They are birthstones (diamond) and go with everything.

What is your favourite workout?
Running! I know it sounds odd, but I love to go out and pound the pavement. I used to love to do Zumba, but I don't have a class to attend at the moment.

Last movie you saw in a theatre?
Django Unchained

Do you know anyone on the Autism Spectrum?
Yep! A couple of my cousins... Such sweet kids..

Ok loves... Here are my 11 blogs that I'm nominating for a Liebster! I read all of these blogs on  a regular basis and I love love love them all!

Nominees! Here are your questions, if you so chose to accept my challenge..
1. How old were you when you had your first kiss?
2. How do you relax?
3. If I handed you $1000, what would you do?
4. Favorite flavor of Jello?
5. Favorite childhood cartoon?
6. Why did you start blogging?
7. Give us a dirty little secret! :)
8. Who is your celebrity crush? Bonus points if you post a pic!
9. What is on your mind RIGHT NOW?
10. What song gets stuck in your head constantly?
11. Favorite sport to watch?


  1. Congrats on your nominations! It was nice getting to know more about you!

  2. Way to go on your nominations and thank you! (and thanks for telling me, too). I need subtle nudging. I read as much as possible, but there's just not enough time in the day!
    I'll work on it!

  3. Loved learning more about you. Thanks for the nomination! Can't wait to answer your questions!