Monday, March 18, 2013

Monday Morning Weigh In! And Spring Break Recap!

Good Monday morning lovlies!! I have to say that I have missed you all sosososososo much. Since I wasn't at work last week, I felt like I never had time to actually sit down in front of the computer and read, much less type a blog post. My SB2013 was NUTS! And in a totally amazing way!

The absolute highlights of my SB were definitely the weekends. The first weekend I got to go out dancing with a friend of mine for a bachelorette party. I danced my bum off. I was so insanely sore the next day! The entire lower half of my body was around the consistency of Jello. I felt like I looked pretty cute, but I think pictures tell a different story. I had my hair back most of the night, because it was too damn hot! Ugh. Sweaty messes alert below...

Left to Right: April (MOH), Michelle (Bride), my BFF Manda, and Me!

The week was spent catching up on Glee, yardwork, and cleaning. As a side job, I clean my great-grandmother's house on the weekends and I spot clean on a week night. It's not great money, but it makes the car payment!

This weekend I got to visit with one of my best girlfriends. Her mom was in Austin with her for SB2013, so I went up and spent Friday night with them. Her birthday is today, so I brought her cake and we watched Life of Pi. Then we stayed up until around 3:00am talking about books, movies, love and our lives. It may sound lame, but I honestly had a better time with her than I did dancing. We didn't really take any pictures, but I can say that we shut down a Barnes and Noble AND a Chipotle. Nom nom burrito bowl.

During the rest of the weekend, I went to church and had lunch with James. We messed around shopping for a while and I started buying stuff for the Birthday Edition of the My Favorite Things Giveaway! I'm really excited about that one :)

I did manage, during the insanity of SB to finish Week 1 of C25K!! Pretty exciting stuff! Only bad thing is that my knee is realllllly sore today. I'm pretty sure it's meniscus pain. It's a bit swollen and sore. Oh well. I'll be icing it and staying low impact.

1 week down!! WOOHOO!

Which brings me to my weigh in! I'm down another 3 pounds during my official weigh in this morning! Which brings me to a total of 23.8 pounds lost and never to be found again!

Yay for pretty toes! And a pretty number!
I've gotten to where I like to take sweaty/nasty ass/gross pictures after I get done working out. I personally think they are hilarious to look at. And quite attractive! (Please denote a high level of sarcasm). It's motivating to me to see how hard I worked during the previous 30-45 minutes. Love the red face, sweat, and panting :)
This is the face of hard work... And Death... And too much cake in a lifetime.
Until next time blogosphere! Stay sane! :)



  1. So proud of you, Sammie! You're doing great and what a fun week of friend-time; always important :) I love your pics and your toes look so cute in your weigh in pic :)

    1. Thanks Jenn! I'm slowly warming up to the idea of adding more pictures :) I really need a new profile picture.. The one that is up there now was taken my freshman year in college... Which was about 6 years ago O_O

  2. Awesome job!! I'll try to stay sane, but I can't make any promises!!

    1. Sanity is completely overrated on some days... We all need to hold hands with the crazy every once in a while :)

  3. Keep up the good work. I'm glad that you enjoyed your spring break.

  4. congrats on your loss!