Wednesday, March 6, 2013

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things!

I realized a couple days ago that I haven't really been open as to who I am exactly. My likes, dislikes, blah blah blah. Well.. Now it's time for a little get to know me session... And maybe a giveaway :)

Anywho... A random list of things that I am obsessed love.

  • Oatmeal Cookies. Especially when my dad makes them. They are homemade bar cookies and to die for. Nom nom delicious.
  • Owls. Anything with owls on it, in it, around it. Whatever. I.FREAKING.LOVE.OWLS. I would love an owl tattoo, but I doubt that will happen.
  • Llamas. Freakin adorable little monsters.
  • Hip Hop music. I'll never admit it in public (we're all family here) but I love me some Snoop Dog.
  • The color maroon. Not only was it one of my colors in college, but it's so flattering!
  • Books. Pretty books. Ugly books. Long books. Short books. Hard back. Paper back. Ebooks. Books. I love books. I'm a book whore bibliomaniac/bibliophile. Either way. Love books.
  • Writing. It's a shocker, I know. I have a blog, so I must like writing. Not exactly. I'm sure not all bloggers write for the joy of writing. I actually have written a couple of fiction pieces. I'm not 100% sure I'm ready to share them with the world, yet. Maybe some day.
  • Pretty journals. I'm a sucker for a pretty journal. The cover, the blank pages, so many possibilities. My set back is that I buy cute journals and I never use them, because I don't want to jack up the pages. Which brings me to the mention of free stuff!!
The beauty pictured above is currently up for grabs!! (Notice the maroon? My pillowcase.) It is a beautiful journal that caught my eye while browsing through my local Ross. There is where I came up with the my favorite things giveaway. Every once in a while, I'll host a giveaway featuring something I love. It may be small, or it could be big! You never know :) I can say, it won't be contained to the list above :)

Enter using the Rafflecopter below! Contest starts NOW! And will run until March 13th at 12:00am. Good luck! You must follow my blog for any of your entries to count! I WILL CHECK!! :-)

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Aggie maroon?!! And I listen to Snoop Dog too! I have a lot of hip hop/rap on my Iphone. Love it! Cute journal too!

  2. That journal is absolutely gorgeous! With the look of it, I would write all about my journey with my future hubby. :) I'm so glad to be a new follower!


    1. So glad to have you as a follower!

  3. I pretty much love all of those things, except for llamas! Those things freak me out, and last time at the fair when I was trying to feed one, it ate the entire cup of food, paper and all! haha

    1. Hahaha I understand! Llama lovin isn't for everyone :) I had a friend in HS that got bitten by one. Needless to say she is scared of them to this day!

  4. I'm a new follower of your blog (Elisabeth G). I would use the journal to write down my goals! :)

    1. I'm so glad to have you as a follower!

  5. I'd probably use the journal to record events from a couple upcoming trips. That will make recaps on the blog a little easier.

    I'm following via GFC