Thursday, March 28, 2013

Non Scale Victories!


It's that time again my dears :) Time for another NSV Link Up!! I may venture to say that this may be the best part of my week. I love reading about how everyone is doing and how many things we have to celebrate and be thankful for!

This week my victory is HUGE! Especially for me. I am definitely the type that self-sabotages. If things don't go my way, more often than not I will find some lame ass excuse and quit.

This week... I didn't... I didn't quit... I posted a 3 pound gain for the first time and I DIDN'T QUIT!! I didn't take a picture and I was really bummed out when I saw it on Monday morning. In the words of my mother, "Why let something so small throw off progress?" Thanks Mom.. I didn't..

I'm eating my good, healthy breakfast. Packing my lunch. And most importantly, I'm surrounding myself with some of the best friends a girl could ask for. I will admit that this week has been a bit difficult with the break up. I find myself missing the comfort of having someone to text/irritate/harass 24-7. I'm spiritually in a better place now. He's healing, very slowly.. I can't help but to feel terrible for him. I've been through that heartache before. I know how he feels.

This post isn't as long as they normally are... I just don't have a whole lot to say I guess...

Until next time blogosphere... Stay sane my loves..



  1. Good for you for not giving up after a gain! That's awesome. I have trouble being good after gaining, too. You rock!

  2. A WONDERFUL NSV, Sammie!! Go you!!

  3. Not giving up is HUGE! I've been there. Your comment made me laugh on my blog. I had no idea I had so many contemporaries out here. But let me tell it now. When you hit 40 your metabolism slams on the breaks and will not let up. I'll cheer you on on your NSVs and SVs...just don't give up!
    Lulu and Daisy

  4. Hey girlie, good for you for hangin in there! it sucks to see a gain, but it happens to the best of us!! Keep pushing lady, I bet next week you lose a ton!! Thats the one great thing of pushing through after a gain!!

  5. You are some awesome! I'm sonorous of you for not quitting!!!! You can do this!

  6. Great job! I know the first time I posted a gain, it was hard not to turn tail and run. But we stuck with it! If you are like me, it'll balance out.

    (Linking up)