Sunday, March 3, 2013

Quest to Funky-dom

When I restarted my blog, I was determined to not let it be solely a weight loss blog. Chunky is more than just a body type to me. Chunky is more a state of mind. My depression, career, fitness, weight, and relationships all fit into my state of mind. Today's post is more about my career. Where have you been and where are you going? I'm going to be Funky dammit! :-)

Right now I'm in the process of trying to get a Master's degree. Currently I work as a substitute teacher and it's just not enough for me. I am eligible to apply for teaching positions in the state of Texas as an 8-12 ELA/Reading teacher. For the last few weeks I've been filling in for the librarian. I love it in here. LOVE it. LOVE IT. LOVE IT! Sorry. Point made.

Anyways, I have my Bachelor's in Psychology because.... Well.... I needed a Bachelor's degree... That's all I'd ever been told. Get a degree! Get a degree! Degree=job! Yeah... About that... Not so much.. Yes, I had a full time job before. Yes I'm subbing full time now. Know how much I made when I was at my peak income? $29k... That's barely enough to make rent and make a car payment, much less pay off my effing student loans.

I love teaching. I love books. I love teaching kids about books and with books and all the wonders that are books. (Remember how I called myself a nerd? Yeah).

My problem? I was a complete and total SCREW OFF during my undergraduate career. My ending GPA was a lousy 2.45 and my GPA for my last 60 hours was something around a 2.28. Yep... That's what I get for having NO direction. I wanted to graduate. Graduate=job, right? That's what I always thought....

Here goes my journey to Funky-dom... One headache at a time...


  1. Hi Sammie, i wish you good luck in whatever you do. Please keep writing. Am your newest follower.