Monday, March 11, 2013

Giveaway Swag, Weigh In and Worries

GOOOOOOOOOOOD MONDAY MORNING!!! Ok.. That was just a tad too peppy for me.. Oops.. Sorry about that. I'm just SO EFFIN EXCITED about today's post! WOOT!

So, if you've read my last few posts, you've seen that I promised some additional awesomeness in addition to that BEAUTIFUL journal I'm giving away here. Well.. In my P.S. I promised some additional swag in the package. When I originally wrote that comment, I had no idea what I was going to toss in the box. No.Effing.Clue. So I was browsing around my local dollar store and this caught my eye.

They are around 77 cals a ball. A bit high, but a tasty treat!

The only sad part is that the tumbler doesn't have a lid. Oh well. It's so cute!! I knew I had to give it away. So along with the journal, I will throw in the tumbler and the truffles. Nom nom. 

So.... Time for a weigh in.. I think I may re-weigh tomorrow, because this was actually done after my work out this morning. Oops. Yes my loves, that says I AM UNDER 270 POUNDS!!!!! That brings me to a grand total of 20.8 pounds lost for this part of my journey. It's not a whole lot, but dammit it's progress! I'm so insanely proud of myself.

-20.8 pounds total!!
Which brings me to my worries... I am 7.6 pounds down in a week. ONE WEEK. That really scares me. I'm happy with the loss,don't get me wrong... I'm just so scared of effin up my body. I'm not trying to lose fast. I eat about 2000 cals a day or a tad under. (I never have less than about 1200). I'm drinking lots of water and I stepped up my workout game last week with tiny bit of running and my elliptical time. Could the workouts be making that much of a difference? I really don't want to screw my body up.  I track EVERYTHING I eat, drink more water, and I started taking a multivitamin this morning with breakfast. 

Most everyone I've talked to says the weight comes off fast in the beginning and the workouts kicked my metabolism in the arse. I've decided to wait another week and see what happens. Here's hoping...

Happy Monday my dears!! Don't forget to enter to win the journal!! :) 

Until next time blogosphere. Stay sane!



  1. Wow you are doing fantastic, be proud. I would give it another week and see what you lose. But if you feel good and your eating I wouldn't worry.

  2. I am happy for you. Your progress really inspired me to achieve mine. All the best!


  3. After watching a few season of the Biggest Loser, I'm going to say you'll have a couple weeks of big weight loss as your body adjust to the new lifestyle/diet/workouts. If this continues to go one after about 3 weeks, then maybe you need to re-examine or talk with a professional.