Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Cara Box Stumped and Blocking the Crazy...

Good morning loves!

I know I've already had a scheduled post today... But I needs some help.. I am doing the Cara Box Link Up and I haven't put mine together to send to my partner... I'm so stuck.. I've read her blog a lot and it seems like we have a very similar sense of humor. She shares some of the funniest freakin pictures! She's also pregnant with munchkin #2 and she already has a little boy.

How do I go green for a mom of 2??? Shizzle... I've sent her a couple emails this morning asking some general questions, but I'm so stumped.. Maybe a cute tote back full of awesomeness? Crap... No idea...

Mommy readers, any ideas?! Cara Box participants, any ideas?! I'm desperate here...

On another (separate) note... I finally grew and pair and completely blocked Crazy Pants McGee from being able to contact me.. I blocked his crazy arse on Facebook, Skype and I deleted his phone number.. Also deleted the slew of whiny, pathetic text messages begging me to love him.. GAG ME. I don't love you. It's a hell of a thing for me to be able to say too. I'm worth more than you... Bat shit crazy...


  1. ALWAYS good to block the crazy!!!! hee hee.

    1. Oh yes!! It has been a long time coming.

  2. Good for you and bless his heart!
    I am clueless on the Cara help at all. I like a bag-o-goodies personally.
    Good luck,
    Lulu and Daisy

    1. She answered my email!! Hopefully I can take what I've learned and put something together :)