Monday, April 22, 2013

Not Much To Say...

Not a whole heck of a lot to say today.. My weekend was amazing, but I won't bore you with those details :-p I'm in a very odd mood today. I'm more snarky than usual.

I was doing a bit of reflecting while I was powerwalking last night. I was really super pissed that I can't run without the WORST FUCKING PAIN IN THE FUCKING WORLD ARGH! Sorry... Too much? So.. Back to my walk. I was walking along and I come to the realization that I've been eating like total and complete shit for the last few days. I had cupcakes for breakfast one day... Fucking cupcakes...

While I'm not really monitoring anything with the scale, I can tell in my energy level and just in my general health that I haven't been giving my body the proper fuel. (Note to self: Coke Zero is not an acceptable replacement for water). Maybe I need to get my shit back together. My head is way off in left field chasing butterflies. I'm no where near as focused on anything as I once was. Maybe it's the end of school, maybe it's the less than steady work. Who knows.

My date on Saturday went amazingly! No recap though :) Hey... No one said they wanted one, so why stimulate bore you with the dirty deets amazing details. I will tell you that we are going out again and he did say, "I've adored you since I met you."

So my dear friends... I leave you with some pictures taken this weekend. I will be nice enough to show you the whole outfit (my followers on IG got to see a sneak peek!) and a picture that I took of the 2 of us after dinner.

Cute aren't we? I took my sweater off, I swear I'm wearing a shirt!

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