Monday, April 1, 2013

Monday Weigh In and Easter Reflections

Good morning darlings! I hope you all had a FANTASTIC Easter weekend :) I got to spend lots of time with my family. The food was amazing (of course) and I ate a ton of veggies. Woot woot! I also got 2 good C25K runs in this weekend! One on Friday night and one last night. My water intake has been the suck as of late. Not a pretty picture..

So.. As always, it's my Monday morning weigh in!! Yeah buddy! I was really anxious last night about weighing in today. I worked my butt off last week and was really hoping to have some success to show for the effort... And boy did I!! Not only did I drop the 3 pounds that I gained, but I dropped 6 additional pounds!! 6!!

YES! Almost in the 250s!!!
This brings me to a total of 30 pounds gone! 30!! Holy cow!
I'm excited! 30 pounds... I never ever thought I could do that..I haven't taken any pictures yet, but maybe today. I finally got a new mirror for my bedroom, so I can see.. I'll do a before and after in the same outfit, just to look at progress.

Part of my post today is Easter reflections... Sundays are a little rough for me.. Sundays were the days that I would always spend the day with James. Now that we aren't together, I haven't been keeping the routine. It's difficult. Very difficult. I haven't established a routine for myself on Sundays yet, so the sadness seems to be able to whack me over the head when I least expect it.

It's more of a loneliness than a sadness I suppose. I surround myself with amazing friends and my supportive family, but sometimes it's not enough. I miss the companionship that comes with being in a relationship. However, I have no immediate plans to be in a relationship any time soon. It's time to focus on me. I need to be a little selfish at the moment and learn to love myself. How can I love others if I don't first love myself?

I've never been a relationship jumper... I had a string of short term BFs in High School, then I was single for 3-ish years. Then I started dating the butt and was engaged to him for nearly 4 years. Broke that off, single for a few months then started dating James. Broke that off about 1.5 years into it. It seems that in my adult life, I'm tunring into one of those jumpers. I don't want to. I don't want to jump. I want to be happy and single and not have to share my blankets or worry about someone other than Molly. I don't want to be tied down to one person right now. I want to date, meet people, go out and shamelessly flirt, shamelessly flirt with the AV maintenance guy that visits me in the library. I love being single...
At least he won't steal my blankets... Bastard...

But I miss it... I miss the attachment. I miss the feeling of closeness. I miss having someone to harrass at all uungodly hours of the day and night. Sure, I have friends. I have the greatest friends on the face of the planet. I constantly talk to them. Hell I'm sure there are days that they want me to STFU and GTFO. It's different though. Having a significant other is different than just having a friend.

It really sounds like I want to have my cake and eat it too... (Tangent: Who in the hell came up with that saying?? Doesn't it make sense to eat cake if you have it?? Who wants cake to go stale? What am I supposed to do with the cake? Look at it? Seriously...) I want the security of a relationship with the freedom of singledom. I'm a complicated woman...


  1. Damn, girl! You go with your holiday weightloss. I ate so many bad things yesterday, but they were good to taste. Made me feel like crap for a while, but I will keep on moving. Congrats!!

    1. Girl, let me tell you... Yesterday was a BIATCH.. I had my scale and all my measuring cups. My grandma actually threatened me with dish duty if I didn't stop getting extra stuff dirty. She was joking of course, because my entire family wants me to succeed. I even reserved calories for some of her pie.. Holy cow it was good. And sweet. And terrible for me. OH WELL!!

  2. SOOO SOOO SOOO Proud of you, Sammie!! 30lbs is amazing - you're doing great!!

    1. Thanks so much Jenn!! I'm pretty sure I couldn't do it without all of ya'll!

  3. Congratulations!!!! 30 lbs is so awesome!

  4. Congratulations!

  5. congratulations on your weight loss, 30 pounds is HUGE! also, hope you start feeling better soon! it just takes some getting used to..