Friday, April 26, 2013

Chasing Happy

Thanks to my dear Laurie over at Lulu and Daisy, I think I may have found a new link up... This is something I struggle with, given the whole depression thing. Small things make me happy, so why not recognize them? This entire week has been a struggle, so I'm really hoping that things get better.

  • I got to snuggle with  see my boy this week! I had to get new tires on Damon and get his inspection done, so I took the day off work. Carlos had the day off too, so we got to spend some time together.
  • I had a pretty fantastic birthday on Wednesday.
  • Carlos let me borrow one of his hoodies when I went home on Tuesday... He ain't getting it back!
  • Sonic diet green tea.. It's an addiction..
  • Shopping for new running shoes with my best friend :)
  • Sweet text messages from my brother (he actually remembered my birthday!)
  • Walking 8 miles this week.
  • Having awesome conversations with my seniors this week during the Econ class I was subbing in
  • One of my BFFs from high school helping me get a summer job
  • Finishing up a job application for a school that I REALLY want a job at..
I'm working on being happier... I know that a lot of my mood is due to the lack of Prozac. Bleh.

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