Friday, April 5, 2013

Go Hide Your Crazy...

Good morning my lovelies! It's Friday!! Happy dance!!

This weekend promises to be a killer good time. I'm spending most of the weekend in Austin with my best friend for a penis drama free weekend. Forewarning before you delve into this post.. There is some foul language (shocker there... but it's more than normal) and some general crazy-cake behavior. There are 2 sides to every story. This is my side.

I say penis drama free because, let me tell you blogosphere... Someone in my life has recently been sippin on the cray cray kool aid. There is a guy... Who shall remain nameless.. He and I dated briefly in high school and we were broken up by our my family. I was around 14, nearly 15. First real boyfriend. I loved him, blah blah blah. I was an idiot teenager with no concept of what love really meant (sometimes I still wonder if I have a clue). Needless to say, lots of unresolved issues and unfinished business between him and I.

Fast forward a few years... I broke up with my first fiance and dabbled in online dating. Why not? So I come across someone that's pretty cute and seems like a nice guy. Message sent! Guess who? Blast from the past. So he and I talked and blah blah for a while. He wanted to get back with me, try it again, etc... Ok cool. I'm single, lets try. Then he pulls some crazy and I met James. Going along once a month or so while I was still with James, Crazy Pants McGee would IM, Skype or text me and try to get me to leave James and be with him. Didn't happen.

That brings us to recent times. Obviously James and I broke up... Not because of anyone on the outside, but we were done. Crazy Pants McGee catches wind of the break up (I think I may have told him, not my smartest move). So he's back on his hot pursuit for me and my fine ass. I entertain the idea, maybe he's gotten more stable, not as much of a cukoo bird. WRONG! I got some messages last weekend that would curl some toes. He's telling me how lonely and depressed he and and he's thinking about suicide. Being trained in suicide prevention measures (and how to tell if someone is really planning or just being a drama queen) I start questioning him. He shuts down. Through our conversation I can tell that he's being manipulative, so I give him space and don't text or call him.

He tries to get me to come to his apartment last night... He lives in Austin. I live about an hour north of him. #1 I'm not interested in your manipulative, crazy ass. #2 If I was, I would not haul my ass out of bed at 11pm on a work night to come out to Austin. I am an adult with responsibilities. He was so stubborn about this! He refused to see that I can't work on minimal sleep and that I have shit to do that doesn't involve me kissing someone's ass. I cannot cater to someone's crazy whims. He calls me and gets PISSED and starts completely attacking my character and calling me FABULOUS names. Needless to say I hung up on his crazy self...

What do I want from life?
I want a significant other that isn't CRAZY, CLINGY, or WITH MOMMY ISSUES! Homeskillet has all three of the traits I don't want! (Did I mention that he called me clingy?? Seriously.Me. Clingy.)

Plus, not really ready to date right now.. And when I do get ready, I've already got my eye on someone. He's cute, sweet, so amazingly nice, and he thinks I'm the sexiest thang on 2 feet. Sweet!

So... No Crazy Pants McGee... I'm not coming over, I'm not sleeping with you, and you can take a pineapple and shove it where the sun don't shine!!!!!

Bend over...
I'm actually pretty proud of myself for standing up to him. Normally I would have caved. Not this time... Sammie isn't the same stupid 15 year old girl you had goo goo eyes for.


  1. lol wow.. good for you girly, i have had one of those crazys and lord they are nuts!

    1. Ohh yeah! I've started getting the desperate "I'm sorry" text messages. My best friend and I were entertained all weekend :)

  2. hahahahaha the pineapple thing just made my night!! So glad you stood up to him!! You are MUCH better than that!

    1. Glad I could offer some giggles :) I actually took the concept from the movie Little Nicky. Huge Adam Sandler fan!